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The TDAC-2000 is the world’s fastest commercially available 10-bit high speed DAC (digital-to-analog converter) module, providing single-channel waveform generation at 12 GS/s (Gigasamples per second). Providing access to proprietary Tektronix ASIC technology, the TDAC-2000 high speed DAC is able to sustain full-bandwidth streaming at 120 Gigabits per second.

TDAC-2000 Overview
The TDAC-2000 high speed DAC is comprised of multiplexers and a 10-bit digital-to-analog converter operating at 12 GS/s. Data is supplied to the multiplexers via 320 data lines at 375 Mbps (120 Gbps aggregate rate) using clocks generated by the DAC and multiplexers from a 12 GHz input clock.

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TDAC-2000 specifications:

Specification Value



Physical Bits


Sample Rate

12 GS/s


> 45 dBc to 2 GHz


0.2% of full-scale DC DNL
0.4% of full-scale DC IN

Analog Output

5 GHz 3 dB bandwidth 50 Ω output impedance,
  2% 0.5 V per side into 50 Ω loads

Clock Input

10 GHz 50 Ω input impedance 10 Ω Differential
   400 mV to 1000 mV Common Mode -0.5 to +0.5 V







Power Dissipation

23 W

Tektronix Component Solutions’ high-performance digital-to-analog converter technology has been proven and utilized in a variety of Tektronix high-performance instruments and is now available for incorporation into your next-generation systems.

Typical Applications
The TDAC-2000 high speed DAC can be used can be used for application prototype development and can also be deployed in embedded systems where the form factor is acceptable. Typical applications include Digital RF Memory (DRFM), electronic warfare systems, radar simulation, embedded Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and high-speed communications systems.

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